Norbert Hofstetter on delegation trip to Ethiopia

TAKTOMAT CEO Norbert Hofstetter was on a delegation trip to Ethiopia with Prime Minister Söder

TAKTOMAT CEO Norbert Hofstetter was on a delegation trip to Ethiopia with Prime Minister Söder

The improvement of relations with Ethiopia and Africa was the focus of a trip by the Bavarian Minister-President Dr. Ing. Markus Söder and a 60-strong business delegation from Bavaria, including Norbert Hofstetter, managing partner of the international TAKTOMAT group from Pöttmes in the Swabian district of Aichach-Friedberg.

Prime Minister Markus Söder emphasized: "Ethiopia is an anchor of stability in the Horn of Africa, but at the same time a focal point for global challenges. We campaigned for an improved European neighborhood with Africa.


Bavaria wants to expand its relations with Africa politically, economically and socially. This strengthens the economic development of Africa, the ecological protection of the continent and ultimately contributes to the fight against flight causes."

During his four-day trip, Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder political talks with senior representatives of the Ethiopian government and the African Union. The opening of the Bavarian Africa Office in Addis Ababa strengthens the political cooperation and should build trust for a long-term partnership. Bavaria also supports on-site ecological projects to protect the environment in times of climate change. School and social engagement should create job prospects and contribute to wealth creation. The Bavarian-Ethiopian Economic Forum acts as a door opener for economic cooperation. The delegation also took a picture of the local situation in a refugee camp in Gambela. Aid from the Free State for Refugees aims to create educational and long-term perspectives.

In addition to Bavaria's Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, Roland Weigert, who headed the delegation, Norbert Hofstetter also drew a positive conclusion from the trip to Ethiopia: "The up-and-coming country is facing major changes. It now needs partners like Bayern, who help him in business, science and political development and encounter them at eye level. The internationalization of the markets is also a significant growth driver for TAKTOMAT."

Norbert Hofstetter was able to make important contacts with political and business representatives as well as to gain lasting impressions from this country during the numerous discussions: "We are currently investigating investments in Africa. After all, our products for automating production, such as indexing tables, bevel gearboxes, disc-type step-by-step gearboxes, transfer devices and linear link systems, are also needed in this continent so that companies can improve their competitiveness. The Ethiopian government is pursuing an ambitious industrialization strategy to create jobs and thus prospects for the youth. The country is stable, comparatively safe and people want to move forward. Ethiopia has attractive potential with over 100 million inhabitants."