First TAKTOMAT apprentice Alexander Bienlein finished with best marks

The first TAKTOMAT apprentice Alexander Bienlein completed his training successfully and achieved best marks.

TAKTOMAT is very proud to announce, that the first apprentice Alexander Bienlein (21) completed his training as an industrial mechanic in the field of mechanical and plant Engineering successfully. 

He achieved an excellent grade point average. The TAKTOMAT team congratulate to this great achievement and wishes him all the best for the start in his work life.  

Norbert Hofstetter, CEO of TAKTOMAT GmbH is proud: "This is a really great achievement! We are pleased that Mr. Bienlein supports our company also in future. In the coming months, he will be able to work in the different departments at TAKTOMAT and can also collect experiences in some companies of our extensive network. We try to do everything we can to prepare him for his work life future in the best possible way.