The ecological project for integrated environmental technology supports companies in improving of operational environmental and climate protection.

The funding project supports small and medium-sized companies that work ecologically and save costs in the process. It stands for sustainable management and thus not only supports environmental protection, but also the economic balance sheet of companies.

TAKTOMAT also took part in the environmental consulting program and has now received the award for successful participation in the ÖKOPROFIT project of the Augsburg economic region.

Environmental Guidelines

Resource consumption 

  • We are committed to the sustainable, efficient and reasonable use of resources such as energy, raw materials, water, land, time, etc. 
  • We strive for reusability and recycling of materials, waste and products.

Compliance with legal requirements 

  • We are committed to complying with legal requirements, anticipate future requirements, and strive - wherever possible - to go beyond existing regulations in the interests of sustainability.
  • Continuous improvement
  • Through the implementation of the action plan and monitoring, we aim to continuously improve.

Employee development 

  • By involving employees in the identification and implementation of measures, we aim to strengthen their motivation. 
  • As a company, we are committed to transparent communication of environmental data and targets. 
  • Through training and information, we directly motivate employees to contribute their own suggestions. 
  • All employees serve as role models.

Active public relations

  • We are committed to monitoring our environmental goals through appropriate metrics, providing sufficient resources, and actively communicating our goals internally and externally.


  • We pay attention to short delivery routes and try to involve as many partners from our region as possible. 
  • Compliance with the Supply Chain Control Act. 
  • Basically "environmentally friendly" procurement (office supplies, packaging materials, etc.). 
  • We deal with our suppliers in a trusting and fair manner. 
  • If possible, we procure raw materials from the region. 
  • When selecting suppliers, we pay attention to their commitment to the environment.