TAKTOMAT: 30 years passion for automation

TAKTOMAT celebrated its anniversary together with more than 400 guests from politics, business, sports, customers and employees.

Pöttmes. Being a Bavarian automation champion with the title to be one of worlds market leader, TAKTOMAT, one of the most important manufacturers of sophisticated handling and drive technology for the automation industry, was honored at the celebration of its 30th anniversary at its headquarters in Pöttmes in the district of Aichach-Friedberg.

Company founder Norbert Hofstetter and his wife Christa celebrate the anniversary together with more than 400 guests from politics, business, sports, customers and employees.


Without its courage, ideas, dynamism and entrepreneurial vision, the company would not have been able to evolve from a simple two-man business to a global player in three decades. With its comprehensive automation solutions such as rotary index tables, bevel gears, disc curve gear units and transfer devices as well as linear transfer systems, the family-owned company significantly improves the competitiveness of its renowned customers such as AUDI, BMW, VW, KUKA, Siemens, Airbus and ABB as well as many small and medium-sized companies. The TAKTOMAT products assert themselves on the world market by robust construction, short switching times, high cycle intervals and highest reliability.

The magical success story began in an office in Aichtal, about 20 kilometers south of the technology capital Stuttgart. The two inventors Norbert Hofstetter and Helmut Lembke started as a sales office. Later, they translated their visions and concepts into their own products and marketed them very successfully. In 1996, an administrative and production building was built in Pöttmes. Ten years later, Norbert Hofstetter took over the company as the sole managing partner.

The internationalization of the markets proved to be a significant growth driver at the beginning of the new millennium and today. In addition to three sales offices in Germany, the TAKTOMAT group of companies now has a presence in Finland, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Russia, USA, China, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Malaysia and India.

In fast-growing world markets, TAKTOMAT sees itself in a very good position, as Norbert Hofstetter explains: "Our credo is innovative ideas, visionary thinking, creative passion and consistent customer orientation. Innovations are the engine of our technical and economic progress. They are the most important prerequisites for self-growth. We combine traditional values such as sustainable business practices and first-class products with the requirements of the markets."

TAKTOMAT is still on the road to success. High labor costs, the zero-defect strategy, the increase in productivity and quality as well as the relieving of people from heavy physical or monotonous work provide for increasing automation. With the family-owned company c-tec Zerspanungs- und Fertigungstechnik in Augsburg, TAKTOMAT develops and produces precise and high-quality products and solutions to optimize production processes and thus improve competitiveness. "Automation is the future," says Norbert Hofstetter, "because the growing complexity of products and production processes combined with increasing competitive pressure are increasingly presenting companies with enormous challenges.

For example, AUDI in Ingolstadt uses monumental rotary drums from TAKTOMAT that lift loads weighing tons. They transport the body of an A3 to the welding robot. This happens in the hundredth of a millimeter range so that each weld sits exactly. For the razor blade manufacturer Wilkinson, TAKTOMAT developed a linear clock system with 214 optimally synchronized transfer units. Each places four wafer-thin blades of the wet shaver in the plastic head, where they are then glued.

With TAKTOMAT linear transfer systems, fully automatic ballpoint pens are mounted, toothpaste tubes are filled, cosmetic articles and attachments for electric toothbrushes are manufactured and much more. In complex assembly systems for individual safety key machining centers and intelligent lock cylinders from ABUS Pfaffenhain, rotary indexing tables from TAKTOMAT, among others, realize exceptional cycle times.

But for Norbert Hofstetter, his employees are the best thing about his company: "Without a first-class team, everything in the company is nothing. That is why our employees are particularly grateful. They fully identify with TAKTOMAT. That makes me very proud."

The anniversary celebration was accompanied by an interesting exhibition and informative lectures by competent experts on the topics of digitization, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and energy management. Culinary delicacies from the international locations provided for the physical well-being.