Universal control type TIC

Common applications

The universal control is the ideal solution for all three-phase motor-driven gears:

  • Rotary indexers type RT and TT
  • Rotary indexer TSR
  • Globoidal index drives TG
  • Parallel gears XT, TP and SP
  • Linear transfer system type LFA

Features and user benefits

  • Cycle time optimization through accuratelystopping
    drivein Dwell
  • Minimizinginstallation and hardwareexpenses
  • Easy integration through fieldbus connection (ProfiNet,
    EtherCAT, Ethernet / IP) and integration aids (step by
    step instructions and video tutorial)
  • Motor protection switchandmechanical or electroniccontactorscan be eliminated. Onlyline protectionnecessary.
  • Fast, gentlegearbrakeswithemergency stop
  • Safety functions STO, SS1, SLS for max.
    PL e (SIL 3) at STO

  • Soft restartor afteremergency stop
  • Machine gently jogalso possiblefor largetables
  • Oscillation orrotation reversalwithout additional
  • Simplechangeofspeedpossible
  • Nobrake wear, thebrakeonly closes after
    emergency stop
  • Monitoring the engine temperature
  • Compact, space-saving design