Rotary indexers with fixed division

Parallel gears XP, TP and SP

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Common applications

The parallel gears are often used for clocking of straps and chains, swinging of gripper arms, converting rotary
to horizontal movements, rotating of components, separating and sorting.

Features and user benefits

  • Various design options of the cam
  • Short switching angles possible
  • Parallel input and output shafts
  • Pendulum possible
  • Very high accuracy through
    backlash-free motion transfer
  • Gentle starting and stopping
  • Various cam laws possible
  • High reliability
  • Directions of rotating are reversible
  • Inexpensive clock drives
  • Adjustment of the shafts without eccentric,
    because of that no skew of the shafts and
    low adjustment effort
  • No skewing of the waves and low
    adjustment effort
  • Maintenance through oil bath lubrication
  • Various installation positions possible