Transport systems

linear / vertical / horizontal

Lifting and lowering SKID conveyors

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Common applications

The TAKTOMAT transport systems are mainly used in the automotive industry.

Features and user benefits

  • Lifting / lowering conveyor for accurate positioning transportation of large components with
    a weight of 750 kg of machining cell / station to BZ e. g. in the body shop


Shuttle technology from TAKTOMAT

The TAKTOMAT GmbH has a long history of developing and constructing lift and carry systems.

The offer includes:

Lift systems

  • Available strokes (7m horizontal / vertical 1250mm)
  • Number of stations (3 – 10 stations / up to 70m length system)
  • Weights (up to 500 kg per component)
  • Special designs: Monorail shuttle
  • Availability 99.9%

All shuttle components can be acquired from TAKTOMAT:

  • Beam
  • Safety locking
  • Bolt
  • Clamping pieces
  • Followers
  • Beam guide
  • Rocker