Rotary indexers with fixed division

Rotary indexers type RT

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Common applications

The rotary indexer RT is often used in the assembly technology, the testing technology, the welding technology,
the printing, the pressing, the automotive industry, the microelectronics, the food industry, the medical and
the cosmetic industry.

Features and user benefits

  • Reliable, robustdrum cam roundtable
    for all applications
  • Constructiondiameter100mm – 3500mm
  • Fixeddivisions2 – 96orflexible
    through NC technology
  • Switching timesof0.16s – 5s
  • Gentle starting and stopping across
    theswitching cam
  • Large, verticallyhollow shaft

  • Standard accuracy 15" – 35"
  • New: Extreme indexing accuracyof0.02mm
    – Independent of the construction diameter
  • Four-point mounting at the outer diameter
    of the output flange
  • Maintenance free through oil bath lubrication
  • Stop operation, continuous operationor
    reversingdesign possible
  • Allinstallation positionspossible