Linear transfer systems

Linear transfer system type LFA

Common applications

The linear transfer system LFA finds inter alia application in the mechanical engineering, the installation engineering, ­­the packaging technology, the testing, the printing, the presses and the microelectronics.

Furthermore TAKTOMAT provides for the linear transfer system LFA customized solutions for using in clean rooms, in hazardous areas, in the food industry, in medical technology etc.

Features and user benefits

  • Linear transfer system with highest precision
    without additional indexing
  • Regulated and controlled movements
  • Variable total lengths according to customer
    (max. 10 meters)
  • Up to 200 cycles per minute
  • Standard versions available in four different sizes
  • Customization possible
  • Mechanically synchronized with machine
  • CE and UL certified
  • Highest reliability

  • Very long life time and maintenance
  • Driven by proven standard roundtable
    or torque motor
  • Vertical and horizontal using possible
  • Drive shaft is synchronized with the chain clock
    to use the bevel drive for additional movements)
  • Media and energy supply possible through optimal
    frame construction
  • Possibility of free and flexible attaching external
    (aluminum profile system)